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Director of Property Management



Mission: Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (TNDC) provides affordable housing and services for low-income people in the Tenderloin and throughout San Francisco, to promote equitable access to opportunity and resources.

Established in 1981, TNDC has grown to employ more than 350 staff, to develop, own, manage and provide supportive services in 35 properties that offer deeply affordable housing for over 4,000 tenants, and to expand its work in community organizing and after school programming. TNDC is viewed as a trusted and well-organized community ally locally and a practice leader nationally. In San Francisco, TNDC envisions diverse communities where people with low incomes can fulfill their potential and meet their basic needs. In the Tenderloin, TNDC stands as a catalyst for advancing community interests and a force for expanding the choices that enhance livability, such as housing, employment, education, food, cultural activities, and open spaces.

TNDC values are: Integrity, Excellence, Diversity, Collaboration and EquitySUMMARY

Under the general direction of the Chief Portfolio Officer, the Director of Property Management is accountable for all aspects of operations for TNDC’s apartment portfolio, with a focus on operational
excellence and continuous improvement, performed in a fashion that is consistent with TNDC’s values and enhances TNDC’s reputation and commitment to quality and neighborhood transformation. In addition, he/she is responsible for developing and implementing tactical management strategies for TNDC regarding property performance, operating standards and staffing, interfacing with the
staff of other   Departments   within TNDC,   including   Housing   Development, Tenant   Services,   Asset Management and Accounting

The Director will have full operational responsibility for a growing portfolio of over 3,500 apartment homes and a team of approximately 250 associates, over 80% of whom are people of color.

This person will report to and work closely with the Chief Portfolio Officer. Direct reports to this position includes an Associate Director of Property Management, a Facilities Manager, and a Compliance Manager. This person will also work closely and collaboratively with other key executives who  oversee  other  disciplines  within  the  firm  including the Chief Executive  Officer,  the  Chief Operating Officer, the Chief Financial Officer, the Chief Talent Officer, and Directors of Housing Development, Tenant Services, Asset Management and Finance. The Director is a member of the
organization’ Senior  Management  Team.  Teaming  and  collaboration  are  a  hallmark  of  TNDC’s structure and culture.


·        The Director of Property Management will direct and manage an industry leading team. This includes working with the Chief Talent Officer in evaluating the recruiting
process for all field positions, improving and implementing a professional development and training program for all levels of field personnel ensuring that the appropriate functions are in place and qualifications are met within the ranks of senior managers and their direct reports within the operations organization.
·        Train, motivate and evaluate the work.
·        Bear ultimate responsibility for the performance of all properties under management to meet the goals of its ownership.
·        Develop ongoing strategies to optimize operations and sustainability.   Utilize a hands-on management and leadership style to mentor members of the property operations team .
·        Implement policies and procedures,  metrics,  systems,  best  practices,  management  structures, management reporting systems, use of information technology, and effective training to create a strong operating discipline for the company.
·        Evaluate the performance of each property and the portfolio against internal business plans and industry benchmarks.
·        Work closely and collaboratively with other departments within TNDC including Finance and Accounting,   Housing   Development, Asset Management, Community Organizing, Human Resources, and Tenant Services to develop short-term and mid-term business plans to improve the lines of interdepartmental communications and increase performance for each asset.
·        Help to develop annual property operating and capital allocation budgets for new transactions.
·        Communicate regularly and effectively with the executive and senior management teams within TNDC regarding any issues related to property performance (particularly with regards to under-
performing assets) as well as overall operational matters.
·        Ensure compliance with federal, state and local policies, procedures, laws and regulations.
·        Represent TNDC as a leader and innovator in its field by becoming an active participant in the community it serves and the company’s representative at appropriate regional and national industry


·        Minimum  of  10  years  of progressive  experience  in  property  management of multifamily properties. Experience in the management of affordable housing is strongly preferred, but not an absolute requirement.
·        An undergraduate degree or other relevant training/certification in the property management field is required.


Specifically, candidates for this position should have the following experiential qualifications:

·        Must be an experienced people manager/leader. Must have had management responsibility over a team of senior property managers.
·        The  individual should   have demonstrated increasing responsibility and authority, measured in number of properties, direct reports, etc.  The individual should have experience with multiple apartment communities. Should have had prior responsibility managing at least a 2,000-unit portfolio.
·        We will also consider candidates with significant experience managing market rate properties with little to no prior experience managing affordable housing properties, on the basis of a demonstrated commitment to serving TNDC’s community.
·        Must have the demonstrated ability to increase and stabilize revenues, improve inefficiencies and ensure accountability.
·        Should have demonstrated ability to set up policies and procedures for systematic management of apartments. This work should have demonstrated not only knowledge of industry practices for large
portfolios, but also the ability to think creatively for innovative approaches to operations.
·         While the candidate will have most likely spent all or much of his or her career in property management, it will be his or her ability to think broadly and strategically, and to align with TNDC’s values and culture, that will make he/she most successful in this position.
·        This person must be able to balance a people orientation with a quantitative, rigorous approach.
·        The successful candidate will constantly strive to improve efficiencies, operations, and service delivery. This person will have the ability to lead and work well within the organization as well as represent TNDC externally both in the communities which it serves as well as in the industry.


The successful candidate will have the following personal attributes and characteristics:

·        Must be committed to and find passion for the mission of Tenderloin Neighborhood Corporation and identify with the social perspective and outcomes (and the people who are drawn to work in such an
organization) promoted by the company.
·        Possesses a high degree of urgency and commitment to “get the job done”.  This person’s style will be that of a “driver” rather than an administrator.  Highly energized executive who is
committed to enhancing the value of the assets and experience of tenants and the performance of his/her teams.
·        This person will lead a company in all respects and have an owner’s perspective, mindset, and drive regarding this critical function as well as contribute to TNDC’s overall business and mission.
·        This person will have strong external communication skills since they may be called upon to represent the company in front of public officials and in community settings as well as with outside investors and other stakeholders.
·        Ability to work collaboratively with other stakeholders within the organization, but remain steadfast in the requirements of the property management discipline.
·        Brings a disciplined, rigorous, Management by Objective approach to the business. Can balance and bring this approach in an effective fashion to an organization that is committed to a social purpose.
·        Strong, demonstrated  management  and leadership  skills.     Ability to  work  well  in  a  team environment.  Success in this position will be the person’s ability to work well with and motivate
others – up, down and across the organization. Balances a hands-on approach with a strong ability to delegate.   Does not lose control of the details, timeline and performance of projects under his/her purview.
·        The successful candidate will be known for his/her high level of integrity, honesty and respect for others in both their
personal and business relationships.
·        Inspirational mentor leading, motivating and inspiring diverse work teams who can balance strength with humility.
·        A bias for action and the ability to execute the business in a proactive manner with exceptional business results.
·        Can fail without losing enthusiasm and sees failure as a learning step toward the next success.
·        A ladder builder, not a ladder climber.