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Food Justice Leader


Mission: TNDC develops community and provides affordable housing and services for people with low incomes in the Tenderloin and throughout San Francisco, to promote equitable access to opportunity and resources.

Established in 1981, TNDC has grown to employ over 430 staff, to develop, own, manage and provide supportive services in 42 properties that offer deeply affordable housing for 4,800 tenants, and to expand its work in community organizing and afterschool programming. TNDC is viewed as a trusted and well-organized community ally locally and a practice leader nationally. In San Francisco, TNDC envisions diverse communities where people with low incomes can fulfill their potential and meet their basic needs. In the Tenderloin, TNDC stands as a catalyst for advancing community interests and a force for expanding the choices that enhance livability, such as housing, employment, education, food, cultural activities, and open spaces.

TNDC values are: Integrity, Excellence, Inclusion, Collaboration and Equity


 Tenderloin Healthy Corner Store Coalition (TLHCSC)

The work of the TLHCSC is three-fold; 1) To train, educate, and empower resident leaders of the Tenderloin to advocate for food justice in their community, 2) To collect data and information about the availability of fresh and healthy food in the neighborhood, evaluate specific ways to improve, and to create standards to measure a healthy food retailer, and 3) To improve the overall community
environment by investing in and changing some of the TL’s unhealthiest elements, corner liquor stores, into vital community resources.

Food Justice Leader Description

Food Justice Leaders (FJLs) lead the groundwork for creating healthy and sustainable food systems in the Tenderloin neighborhood. They achieve this through advocacy and transforming the retail environment to meet the specific needs of the neighborhood. Partnering
with corner stores, residents, local government and community-based organizations, FJLs work to increase access to nutritious foods in corner stores, build awareness among residents of food justice issues and advocate for food security in under-resourced communities. FJLs are responsible for conducting store assessments in 50-70 corner stores, conducting community outreach, store promotion, implementation of store redesign and maintaining redesigned corner stores in the Tenderloin.


  • Attend all assigned shifts, weekly planning meetings, trainings, and Tenderloin Healthy Corner Store Coalition monthly meetings.
  • Work with Project Coordinators, Tenderloin residents, other Tenderloin Food Justice Leaders, Coalition, and staff to plan and implement Coalition activities such as: store redesigns, outreach events, and other events related to community food access.
  • Food Justice Leaders will receive training on such topics as: health/nutrition as it relates to a retail environment, product purchasing and
    merchandising, and an overall knowledge of the retail environment of a corner store in the Tenderloin.
  • Work in teams with local food retailers to assess the neighborhood food environment (at least 50 Tenderloin food stores total), and help store owners to sell healthier food with partner organizations.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with Coalition members and other Tenderloin community members, store owners, merchants, city officials, and organizations.
  • Represent and share the work of food justice and healthy retail in the Tenderloin at community events, city hearings, and relevant meetings.
  • Work as a peer educator to engage community members, individually and through public speaking, to educate and inform them about our work and healthy lifestyles choices.
  • Collect information and feedback from residents to inform our work. 


  • Strong commitment to improving access to healthy, fresh and affordable food in the Tenderloin.
  • Ability to work with diverse communities in the Tenderloin.
  • Ability to work professionally & respectfully with residents, city officials and staff.
  • Ability to be on time and consistent in attending scheduled meetings and events.
  • Demonstrated leadership, organizational and communication skills Good reading, writing, comprehension, and simple mathematics skills.
  • Must be able to lift 25 pounds.


  • Resident of the Tenderloin neighborhood and must be at least 18 years of age
  • Commitment of at least one year to the project


  • Bilingual in Spanish, Arabic, or Tagalog strongly preferred as well as Cantonese, Vietnamese
  • Familiarity with food justice, public health, popular health education
  • Familiarity with computer systems including Internet, Email, and Microsoft Office
  • Experience with grassroots organizing